10 Common SEO Mistakes

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November 19, 2009

What is SEO you may ask? It is a very important feature that should be used by all web designers on the World Wide Web.In order to create a sought-after and attractive website, many veteran web designers follow the rules that are traditional in creating SEO.

commonAn SEO is a technique used to generate more traffic to a website by improving the location of that website.
Search Engine Optimization is very crucial for where your website will be found as far as ranking is concerned, and the placement of your website is determined by your SEO content, but there are some web designers that overuse the SEO tools to create and maintain websites, or make mistakes using the wrong SEO instruments.
Here are some mistakes that should not be made when writing an SEO.
1.Dont ignore filling in a title tag next to the keyword
2.Use keywords that are standard and customary
3.Correct descriptions and META Tags should be employed
4.Search engines cant read Java Script so dont use it here
5.Dont spam the back links or your site could get banned
6.Avoid putting Flash websites since Spiders can basically only read HTML
7.Optimize your website continuously for optimum ranking
8.Try to use less images on your website headings
9.Appealing and highlighted keywords are attention-grabbing
10.Keywords should be used in the URL to help in website ranking

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