How to Become a Super Saving Coupon User


Weve all heard the stories about people who have climbed out of debt or gotten free groceries by using coupons. They have not discovered something new. They have only learned how to use their resources to their advantage.

Here is how you can become a Super Saving Coupon User.

1. Take an inventory of all the possible grocery stores in your area- not just the ones that you are use to shopping at. For each of these stores, find out what their coupon policies are. These are usually listed on the internet. Look specifically for doubling/tripling, accepting other stores coupons, ecoupons, and stacking.burger

2. Take an inventory of what food items you have on hand. This should include items that you normally purchase and actually use. You will want to put this list into a spreadsheet form.

3. Take your list to the three stores that have the best coupon policies or a local warehouse club. You will want to list what the price per unit is of each item. For example, if you normally purchase a particular brand of toaster pastries, compare per pastry what the cost is at the different stores. You should bring this list with you when ever you shop and be sure to update it regularly.

4. The trick that every super coupon user knows is to match the current store ad to coupons available for sale items. The good news is that there are online sites, such as, who do this for you. They will even put a link directly to the needed coupons, Sunday insert dates, and will provide you with deal and shopping tips. These sites will also have coupon databases where you are able to search for needed coupons. If a store allows you to use their coupons along with manufacturers coupons (stacking), be sure to prepare these in advance of going shopping.

5. Using your ad and your match-ups, make a shopping list. Every super coupon user uses a shopping list to keep them focused and away from the impulse items. Put prices and coupon amounts on the list so that you can compare them when your purchase is being rung up.

6. Keep track of what you are saving and give yourself an incentive such as saving for a vacation.

7. Dont forget to factor into your savings incentive rewards, rebates, and coupons printed at the cash register.

8. Some stores offer added incentives for using their loyalty card, reusable bags, and for receiving their emails. Be sure to check your stores for these incentives.

burger29. Be organized with your coupons. Some people use a binder while others will use a box or envelope. Some people organize by brand name while others organize according to item category. Coupon organization is a personal thing according to what works best for you.

10. Lastly, dont underestimate the drug stores and non-grocery stores for food items. Sometimes, these can offer the best deals!

7 Simple Techniques to Build Backlinks to Your Website


Building backlinks can be troublesome for many website owners if they dont have the prior knowledge or opt for paid packages. Your website needs backlinks in order to rank well within search engines like Google which makes it an important element of every website owners day to build links.
This article explores various (simple) methods you can start using today to build links back to your website.
1) Write articles
WebsiteWriting articles, such as this one here, is a fantastic way to build backlinks. After each new article, submit them to article directories or other websites with a link back to your main site thats a backlink!
2) Comment on blogs
Although blogs have a mixture of no follow and do follow coding (which determines how weighted a link will be), commenting on blogs is a simple process of leaving information, your name and a link back to your own website.
3) Guest blog
If you know someone within your niche with a blog, go ahead and ask them if you could write a guest post for them. Not only can you expose yourself to a new community but blog owners will let you link back to your own website or blog within the post.
4) Ask for them!
Surprisingly enough, you can go to the extent of asking other websites to link to you. If you have a well enough connection to a fellow website owner, you may be able to exchange links or even get a one-way backlink just for being good to them.
5) Create a video
There are dozens of video websites around the web; all you need to do is create a few set of videos related to your content, place a link within the description and youll be building backlinks in no time. As a bonus, if your video gets picked up on other websites, website owners may include a link within the content as well!
6) Use social bookmarking sites
Website2Social bookmarking sites allow people to find content around the web without having to hunt it down. Either submitting your own articles or having others do it for you, each additional content piece that goes onto social bookmarking sites will link back to your website.
7) Post on forums
Finally, chances are your niche has a forum. Forums are a hot-bed of conversation and in terms of building links, theyre a goldmine. All you have to do is participate in forums, place a link in your signature and each new response you craft will be another link back to your site.