Creating an Online Buzz for Your Biz

How to Market Your Handcrafts Business Online
March 21, 2015
The Three V’s of Effective New Media Marketing
March 21, 2015

BizTake social networking sites, for instance. Pages, groups, and accounts are devoted to trying to sell new products and services every day. Since these sites take up a sizable chunk of the average Internet user’s time, it’s safe to predict that putting up a page or account for your business will get the attention of Netizens one way or another. You just have to know the right tools and methods to gain more views, Likes, Followers, and the kind of attention from Netizens long enough to keep them hooked on what you’re selling.

Micro blogging is also a great modern tool to promote your business online. Blogging is, of course, quite awesome in itself, but Twitter is a very effective way to stick to a conversational tone using not more than 140 characters per Tweet so you can make people aware of what you have to offer. The conversational tone part is important…otherwise you run the risk of sounding like an infomercial gone viral.

Speaking of viral, member-submitted videos on Tube sites have pretty much established how effective these online tools are at creating a buzz for just about ANYTHING: events, causes, new programs, products, talent, services, ideologies, etc. Whether the messages are good, bad, uplifting, enlightening, depressing, entertaining, annoying, anger-inducing, informative, or what-have-you, videos have become powerful forms of media to make people sit up and notice. Imagine what they can do for your business.

Then there are the online “malls” like Multiply, eBay, Amazon, and other similar ones which are devoted expressly for online selling. You know you are up against a lot of competition, but if your product or service is truly unique and has the potential to make lives better, then you shouldn’t worry about anything (except, of course, using the proper tools for selling online—more on this later). The beauty of these “virtual stores” is that people can find you easily if your product or service is what they are looking for. You can choose how to categorize what you are selling, and place tags or keywords to refine the search some more.

But the most important virtual tool that can help you promote and sell your product, service, or idea? Constant UPDATES. You may have several online accounts, IDs, forum handles, virtual stores, blogs, videos, etc., but if you don’t update, then you don’t stay relevant. Keep your online presence as dynamic as you would your real life one, and people will notice what you have to offer them.

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