Google +1 Button to Affect Search Ranking

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May 26, 2011
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August 22, 2011

Webmasters and publishers everywhere have been scrambling to learn just what it is that Google wants in terms of ranking. Now a new social button is on its way, launching June 1st and it is expected to have a significant impact on search rankings for websites.Its called the Google +1 button and it comes just after the launch of the Twitter follow button and works basically the same way.

RankingWhen you see a site or page that you like, you can +1 it and your friends and family (people who know you on the Google network) will be able to see your +1s in their search results, should they search for the same thing.
Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land reports that he has confirmed with Google that they will indeed be launching their +1 button on June 1st. He adds: Google tells me that any site will be able to add the +1 button code to their site as of tomorrow, through a self-serve process. The company says a full blog post and more details will be posted tomorrow.

Webmasters, get ready for more code editing! Youre going to want to get in while its new and hot and not miss out on the chance for visitors to +1 your site, especially since Google has stated the button will be used as a ranking signal.This brings us back to the topic of website content. Since Googles Panda update, content has become King once again in the land of SEO. Theres no surprise that SEO copywriting services are in high demand after Googles Panda update as more webmasters and publishers seek to revamp their content to get back in Googles graces.

Will your site be worthy of a +1? Is your content up to par with what readers will want to share with others on their network? If not, then theres still time for an overhaul to ensure visitors are pushing that +1 button in your favor.
The +1 button gives us one more way that website rankings can be calculated but many worry it will be abused or exploited. What is there to stop marketers from creating thousands of fake accounts and +1ing their own sites?

Ranking2Will it ever be as popular as the Facebook like button or will it end much like Googles Buzz that started off as a good idea but never really took off?Wont these personal recommendations narrow the search field for you?There are still a lot of unanswered questions about Google +1 but with the June 1st release, we can expect to start seeing some answers soon.You can see Googles video: Introducing the +1 button on YouTube and see for yourself what the new button is all about.

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