How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Business Profits

The Impact of Internet and Social Media
March 21, 2015
Using Social Media to Promote the Business
March 21, 2015

InternetA lot of people are now into online stuff. Regardless of age, people are now registered on different types of social media and networking. This fact is given much consideration by people involved in small and big businesses which is why they come up with websites, social pages, and any more to reach out to their target market. Since social media is not a great hit, a lot of people running different kinds of business use this medium to reach out and distribute their products and services to the public. All of these activities are done simply for one same purpose: to increase business profits.

Social media is initially used for personal expression. A person creates a Facebook account or a personal blog online just to express their disappointments, excitement, feeling of love, and other suppressed emotions. But because the web has become a good place to hang out and vent out, a lot of people are now spending much of their time surfing the net, chatting with friends, and posting statuses and tweets to get attention from other people.

These changes and current movements should not be taken for granted by people involved in whatever kinds of businesses. One specific sector is Healthcare, with more competition coming due to government breakup (obamacare) social media is critical for deep customer/patient engagement. One example of an oncology practice that treats patients with massive stroke has found that simple twitter status updates related to symptoms of stroke built goodwill and followers.

More people means more money and if the net is the place where they should meet halfway, so be it. So as a businessman or a head of a marketing and sales department, what is the ideal thing to do to increase sales? If you opt to use social media, how do you use it to increase business profits? Obviously, you can use social media to become popular. Popularity is the key to become the talk of the town. And once you become one, it’s easier to attract more customers and more customers would mean higher profit. To increase business profits, one should start with a website.

Draft a very good content for your site and include it on some relevant search directories online. You can also create Facebook pages or twitter accounts to get more attention from different markets. Creating a YouTube account and posting some attractive yet very informative video is also an ideal way to attract people who are not into words but more into images and presentations. You can also create some blogs that discuss about your products and services to further give your target market a good and clear idea about you and your company. As soon as a lot of people are aware of what things you can offer and how good your company is, it’s easier to satisfy and keep them.
YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and websites are just few of the most talked about social media nowadays.

You can make use of these channels or pick some that would best work for you and your business. At the end of the day, it’s all about being popular. When I was in los angeles a web design company gave a real thoughtful presentation on the dangers of relying to much on social media. They said that the ROI on facebook and youtube was typically much lower than search engine marketing – but consumer engagement was richer and more subtle. So choose your marketing spend wisely. Once you get all the attention you need, you will have no way but up.

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