SEO Can Boost Your Sales

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February 13, 2010
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July 8, 2010

Any website that is geared towards sales needs to be promoted via the major search engines. A lot of money can be made by being on the first page of Google for your search term if you are selling something. The act of optimizing your website so that it will be more likely to show up in the search results is called SEO. There are many companies out there who offer SEO Services. However, finding the right company is very important, as a bad one can permanently damage your sites ranking in the search engines.

buttonTheyre a number of things that determine how your site shows up in Google. One of these, and by far the most important, is keyword density. This means the density of a particular keyword amid the overall text. The current thinking is that somewhere between 3% and 5% is optimum.

Another thing thats very important are the back links that your website has. The search engines spiders crawl the Internet and see what is linking where. If they see more sites linking to yours then it will register your site as more important, therefore ranking it higher.

Lets not forget about the all-important site map. A site map helps the search engine spider crawl your site. Submitting a site map can help your site get indexed quickly. You can do this with Google Webmaster tools. A site map also helps users find their way around.

Keeping these things in mind will help your business expand and grow in todays internet savvy world.button2

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