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August 24, 2011
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Creating a high quality content rich website is no major feat in this day and age. Everything from Web design, with outstanding graphics, to regular updates of fresh killer content are made simple even to the novice with the abundant resources available for free around the web. But what to you do now? How do you get your website noticed? How do you bring in traffic?
This is the number one challenge of a startup website.

imagesExposure is something you must work for. The best way to get your website noticed and to bring in high quality targeted traffic, or Internet browsing unique visitors, is through search engines. But if your website is on page 20 of Google for your targeted keywords for key phrases how will the average surfer ever find you? The answer is SEO, or search engine optimization.

The goal of SEO is to optimize your website to make search engines love it. This, in turn, will get you to the top of search results for your desired keywords or key phrases and expose your website to visitors searching for what you have to offer. In order to do this, however, you must know quite a bit about SEO. There is tremendous competition from very skilled and experienced webmasters, as well as those who outsource to professionals, to hit those top spots in the search engines.
Here are some of the most basic, and very simple, tips for website SEO:
If you know what your website is about try to come up with a few key words, or key phrases, that best describe this. Keep these as simple as possible, as the average Internet user is not going to type 50 complex words into the search field. You want to repeat these keywords and key phrases throughout each page on your website. In addition to this you want to use these words and phrases in your meta information, such as title, description, and of course key word fields.
Links, commonly referred to as back links because it is a link back to your webpage, are one of the most essential ways to improve your search engine rankings. The more of these you can build the better. Some simple ways of getting links are through posting comments on blog posts with your URL and trading links with other webmasters. Remember, put most of your links to your main page but be sure to build links for all the pages of your website. This is called deep linking. One thing that will make a link more beneficial to your site is the relevance.

images2Be sure to use an anchor text, which is making a word into a clickable live link, with your keyword or key phrase. Also, while all links count, try to build links from sites whose keywords and key phrases are the same or similar to yours; these are higher quality and will help boost your search engine ranking position even better.
My final tip for simple basic website SEO is content. Quality and uniqueness is key. If you want to rank well you need to have something to offer. Duplicate or copied content counts for very little if anything.

If you do not write well you may outsource this, but be sure all of the content on your website is unique. The more regularly you can add high-quality unique content, the better you will fare in the search engines.These have been some simple tips for website SEO. If you follow these and continuously enumerate them, you are sure to rank well in search engines in no time.

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