Social media – the growing element in advertising

Social media – the growing element in advertising
April 7, 2015
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May 6, 2015

Social media today has reached such tremendous levels all across the globe that it is becoming one of the core marketing and advertising tools for brands. It has grown spectacularly over the past decade. There was once a time when brands would consider this as a secondary option for marketing. However due to increasing awareness among consumers and the rising social media forums it has become mandatory to invest a certain amount of the marketing budget for digital marketing.

PermanentlyPeople have now become more socially active on these forums due to rising living standards, increasing focus on extensive studies and careers, social and style quotient and the need to be socially active. This growing demand is being utilized by brands all over the world to create a deeper connection with consumers and potential target markets. Since other mediums like television, radio, print and outdoor are continuously bombarded with advertisements from brands all over the world, it is becoming increasingly important for advertising agencies to enhance a brand’s identity through online medium. Since people are most active on social networking sites and pay most attention to discussions and brands on these forums, it becomes very important for a brand to approach the T.G.

Today, every creative ad agency needs to develop campaigns and topics that generate views, discussions and enhance brand image and equity. A brand needs to position itself in the minds of customers in a way that enhances brand recall and loyalty. With the clutter of ads of different brands across mediums it is important to know the needs and preferences of customers to a deeper level. Through social media one can gather deep consumer insights which are difficult to gather through the traditional market research and analysis. Here you get to know the personality, psychographics, style and wants etc and thereby can design campaigns accordingly.
Another reason for this growing trend of social media is the extensive need for customization and building niches.

Brands of today want to build niche target markets where they can focus on customers in an efficient manner thereby creating brand loyalty and satisfaction. They prefer to put efforts and sources in targeting a particular set of customers which are the ideal T.G. rather than exhaust all resources and mediums across all categories of consumers. Another concept that a lot of brand management agencies are suggesting to brands these days is that of customization. Tailor made campaigns exclusively designed for different customers according to their individual tastes and preferences.

Permanently2This makes the consumer feel that the brand is aware of what he/she wants and therefore increases loyalty and goodwill of the brand. The customer of today wants the ability to make choices and choose products that match his/her needs accurately. Gone are the times when consumers would buy one soap for the entire family with the sae attributes. Now every member wants a different soap since every consumer is different and the sooner brands learn the art of maintaining consumers for a long period of time, the better it will be for their sustenance and growth.

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