The Impact of Internet and Social Media

The Internet and How It Is Related to Social Media
March 21, 2015
How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Business Profits
March 21, 2015

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Social media is the platform where people share their ideas, make comments about certain things, or just make social interactions with people, their friends and family, and practically all people they are in contact with. This cannot be done without the internet though, thus social media are the internet sites where these people make these interactions and connections with various people.

InternetPersonal conversations and other interaction types are made through this platform, and there are many types of these interactions done. This can be through the social media sites, forums, and even the blog sites where comments and conversations can be made. Sharing of ideas, whether positive or not, are done in these social media sites, and it cannot be denied that there are also people of these types, who have nothing positive to share in their minds.

The development of this technology did not just happen with one pop and burst, and it took several years before this came into this world. First, the computers were invented and developed and then after several years, the internet came. It first came as the “dial up” which attained popularity in the 80s until the mid 90s. In the mid 90 the World Wide Web became very popular, with millions of servers inter-connected and also with millions of websites.

This became ultimately the internet, with the major search engine networks offering their services.
The social media came after this, with some social media sites getting several hundreds of millions of users, and these people making connections worldwide. The growth of the social media became unstoppable, with some of these sites getting hundreds of millions of active users, and still gaining users daily.

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