The Internet and How It Is Related to Social Media

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November 14, 2014
The Impact of Internet and Social Media
March 21, 2015

MediaThere are several popular social media sites nowadays and these are the websites with hundreds of millions of active users and even with billions with some of these. These are the internet websites where people can do live and real time interactions with other people globally, share pictures and ideas, or making interactive discussions, with friends, family, or anybody within their circle. I recently discovered a vibrant community on facebook discussing cosmetic surgery.

The private community of plastic surgery addicts was surprising quite large and very active. They rant’d and raved about all the different plastic surgeons from beverly hills to malibu. Clearly facebook, obviously the most popular social media site, which has over a billion active users, and this number was registered in 2012 yet and still increasing is the best source for such vibrant vocal communities online. YouTube reached over a billion users in 2013, as data shows, and data also shows that this site is getting 4 billion views each day.

One can look at how powerful the internet as well as the social media networks are getting these days, and how it can influence people or their line of thinking. Adding to this is the wide availability of smart phones as well as Android tablets, where access of data from the social media networks can be done with much ease and also very fast. The convenience given by these tech gadgets have made access of the internet and the social media very easy to people.

These days, it can be seen that there are more people accessing the internet and the social media at much longer times, and this can be seen not only in the rich and first world countries but the newly developed countries and others , especially those in Asia. The wide availability of cheap smart phones and Android tablets contributed to this development in these countries.

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