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February 11, 2012
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April 21, 2012

In an article called Social Media Pros and Cons Web Design App Development, the author cites two of the main pros of social media:

(1) It’s here to STAY so you might as well learn to live with it (what choice do you have right?), and (2) social media has many possible benefits regardless of your attitude towards it.

InternetThough many have embraced social media in its many forms, some are still reluctant to use it to their advantage despite the obvious benefits it brings. As portrayed in the cartoon above, some business owners still regard the online community as merely virtual, and with no real purchasing and deciding powers. They can not be farther from the truth.

Social media is all about creating relationships and networking. The same can be said of businesses. James Roughton expounds more on the pros of social media in the video below:

Everyday, new sites, blogs, and online sources use newer and newer tools and apps to make social media even more adaptable. It is rapidly changing and always catering to people who want to capitalize on its usefulness in selling products and ideas. Some of the benefits you can get using social media for your business include:

1.developing your brand
2.creating a network of contacts
3.use automated posts for convenience

There are many other advantages, including promoting what you do either professionally or as a hobby (whether you are a craftsman, musician, painter, photographer, etc.) much faster and more efficiently than you would by using traditional promotional tools such as snail mail and the telephone. With todays inundation of new apps and programs, networking and promotion is quicker than ever.

Social media also allows for real-time exchange of ideas among people you consider your peers, in forums and other sites. This way, there is a constant influx of inspiration for whatever it is you do.

There is a downside to social media, though, as will be discussed in the next entry. The bottomline is, it is good to weigh social medias pros and cons, and to recognize that it is, indeed, here to stay.

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