The Three V’s of Effective New Media Marketing

Creating an Online Buzz for Your Biz
March 21, 2015
Social media – the growing element in advertising
April 7, 2015

Any product, idea, or service can become ripe for the picking with the proper use of new media marketing. There are so many ways to get it right…and so many ways to get it wrong, as well. To help you get started, we will discuss the three V’s which can help you on the path to using social media to your advantage, and to get people to notice your product, idea or service.

V #1: Go viral


Memes, viral videos, and other forms of things that get shared to infinity can REALLY help your product, idea, or service get noticed in a major way. Create a buzz for your biz by taking advantage of all that social media sites have to offer. The great thing about these sites is you are no longer bound by geographic and other previously insurmountable limitations. You can reach MORE people by using a free account and creating something memorable with it.

A reminder, though: don’t become a spammy online business person. If you have something great to offer, word of mouth can help you make it known. Avoid spamming people with what you have to offer, or you’ll end up with a product or service people will be eager…to shun.

V #2: Make a video.
You cannot belittle the power of user-submitted videos. So many have proven that the audience for “Tube” sites and other streaming video accounts is huge, and the response to great video clips is almost instantaneous and nothing short of phenomenal. If talents can be discovered on Tube sites and launched into stardom, think of what they can do to your business. You can come up with a creative marketing pitch, or ask loyal and satisfied customers to give you an online testimonial. Either way, the objective is to make your product or service unforgettable.

V #3: Make a video.

If you are excited about what you have to offer and have a LOT to say about your product or service: VERBALIZE it. Start a blog around it and keep it updated. If you are SEO-savvy (more of this in later posts), take advantage of the power of blogging and keywords to keep your product or service in the first pages of top search engines. Be as creative as you can get, and soon people will take notice of what you have to offer.

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