Timex IQ+ Move review: Fitness band with a traditional touch

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reviewNEW DELHI: If one goes by sales figures, it appears that wearables technology still has miles to go before it hits mass adoption. Amongst several wearable devices in the market, fitness bands are the ones that are finding more takers than other devices. These appeal to health-savvy users. Also, the fact that many of these devices are in the affordable range too works for them.

The well-known watch brand Timex too recently launched a hybrid wearable device — Timex IQ+ Move. The Timex IQ+ Move is a regular looking smartwatch with added capabilities of a fitness tracker. The IQ+ Move is priced at Rs 9,995, which is slightly more than some of the offerings by competing brands such as Fitbit, Xiaomi and others. We have been using the new Timex IQ+ Move since sometime now and here’s how it fares in our tests.


The Timex IQ+ Move could very easily be mistaken for a regular analogue watch. There are absolutely no signs of a fitness band on it. The model we received came with a dark blue coloured silicone band and a 41mm circular metal case with a main dial and a smaller secondary dial to track the daily progress. There’s a crown on the side to set the time.

For those who are used to wearing watches with rubber or silicone bands might not find much difference while using it. However, those who are used to metal and leather bands could find it annoying at times as the silicone material makes the skin difficult to breathe. We would’ve appreciated it if the watch came with a detachable band.

What could also bother most wearers is the silicon band’s ability to attract dust and lint. However, it is the best for a sportsperson or someone who works out on a daily basis. It goes without saying that the Timex IQ+ Move is sweat and water resistant. It can work even at 50 metres underwater. So you don’t need to think twice before going for a swim.

Although Timex has given its best shot in making the IQ+ Move look like a classic analogue watch, it is understandably thicker than usual at 13mm due to its massive battery and a bunch of sensors stuffed inside. The overall aesthetics stay simple and minimal. There is no fancy groove design or a rotational circular screen bezels on the case. And don’t expect any smart features in it as well.


The performance of the Timex IQ+ Move completely relies on its sensors and their accuracy. There’s a companion app too where the cumulative results gathered by the fitness band are shown. Downloading the Timex Connect app and setting it up is a cakewalk. Unfortunately, it is the only way how you can check your performance and if you have achieved the required goals or not. You can also get a rough idea of how far are you from the required target by looking at the sub-dial but that’s a rough estimate.

The Timex Connect app is available on both App Store and Google Play and can be setup via Bluetooth. Like other fitness bands and smartwatches, you would have to keep the band connected to the smartphone or the tablet at all times if you want to sync the band anytime with the app. But you can stay offline too and sync the IQ+ Move later manually by connecting them over Bluetooth and pressing the fitness band’s crown for five seconds.

review2While setting up the app you are asked for the device which you are wearing, set up both the dials on the watch, feed in your name, gender, birth date, height, weight and bed time. What we liked is the fact that there is an option to customise which goal you have to see on which dial. For instance, the main dial’s seconds handle can be configured to show one of the specific goals.

The sub-dial can either show you the steps goal or the distance covered goal. The second hand in the dial besides showing the seconds can also be configured to show the date, steps and the distance covered. As it has been always the case, you also get to set your own goals while setting up the companion app.

As for the updates the app includes a section called ‘Check for Updates’ from where it gathers the new firmware version and lets users upgrade their fitness bands from there itself. While the update takes place, the watch should be kept within the Bluetooth range of the handset.

What might leave you in disappointment is that the Timex IQ+ Move has no fluorescent dials to view in low-light situations. However, the company has a baked in solution for that as well. The fitness band comes with company’s own INDIGLO light up technology which turns on the background light inside the dial to highlight the seconds, minutes and the sub dial.

As for the battery, the Timex IQ+ Move has a long lasting one as it won’t bother you for months. Timex claims that the fitness band’s battery can last for up to a year.

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