Why Hire Australian WordPress Experts for Your Website?

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August 26, 2014
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Why Hire Australian WordPress Experts for Your Website? written by: ovenfresharticles When Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, first started coding the self hosted blogging tool in the year 2003, he never thought that this project is going to be the biggest content management system in use, in just 10 years. WordPress has grown phenomenally and it is estimated that close to a quarter of the websites in the world are using WordPress.

WebsitePeople are using this extremely flexible content management system to create their personal blogs, forums, e-commerce stores and almost any kind of site imaginable. It is also used by Fortune 500 companies for their websites. Some of the big names in journalism such as CNN, Time and many others also prefer to use WordPress.

One of the biggest reasons of popularity of this software is that it is an open source project and hundreds of developers, all over the world, are working on it at any given time. These developers regularly update the core software and also release many free widgets, themes and plug-ins to enhance the functionality of a website made using WordPress.Many popular website control panels include wordpress as a one click install. WordPress is completely customizable and can be used to build almost any kind of website. There are many successful e-commerce stores that are built on WordPress using woocommerce.

Advantages of a WordPress Website

Extremely Flexible
Since it is open source, all the code under the hood is visible to everyone. Developers have taken advantage of this and have added many new functions on their own to customize the software. There are very few other content management systems that offer such high level of freedom to developers to completely customize a website.
Multiple Users
WordPress can be used to create a blog, an e-commerce store, a portfolio website for a photographer, landing pages for marketers and many other things. It is also possible to integrate forums into a WordPress website with the help of free extensions and plug-ins.
Huge Community of Developers.

Website2Due to its extreme popularity, a huge community of developers has developed around WordPress. This community releases many widgets, themes and plug-ins to enhance the core functionality of the software.
SEO Friendly
It is extremely search engine friendly as all the content on a WordPress based website can be easily crawled by search engines. Also, there are hundreds of free plug-ins that make seo extremely easy to implement.
Completely Web-Based
Another advantage of WordPress is that it is completely Web-based and does not require any FTP software or any other kind of software to update the website. Everything can be done through a web browser.
Adelaide WordPress Developer
As mentioned over, a WP website can be customized to fit the requirements of a business. However, there are lot of options available to businesses for getting their WP website built from scratch. There are quiet a few businesses who have burnt their hands by outsourcing the creation of their website.

These businesses found that they did save money initially, but the site was coded poorly and had much vulnerability. In the long run, they ended up spending more money to fix their website than they would have spent on hiring Australian wordpress experts to build their website.Experts recommend that it is always better to hire local website developers as they offer high level of support and it is comparatively easier to communicate with them.

Website6At Platinum Web Media, our team of wordpress experts has a lot of experience in building high quality and unique wordpress websites from scratch.Give us a call today and our wordpress experts will be happy to build a completely unique and completely secure WordPress website for your business.

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